Tips on How to Measure a Golf Shot

Measuring a golf shot is important in golf for several reasons. Basically, you will want to know how far you can hit with each of your clubs so that you know which clubs to use for particular distances during a golf game. Also, measuring your current distance for a club can determine how much practice you need for that club.


So how do you measure your shot? Here are some ways:

Use Yardage Markers

When you’re just starting out, using yardage markers is a perfectly good way of getting some sort of info as to how far you’re hitting your shot. These disk or stakes are always white, and they’re either at the edge or center of the fairway.

Of course, these markers tend to be placed at 50-yard increments, so you may have to estimate the distance when your golf ball lands in between the markers.

Some sprinkler heads may also come with yardage numbers, although these are numbers that often signify the distance to the green. You can just do the math to gauge the distance of your shot. 


These can make you feel like a sniper, as it’s a lot more accurate than the yardage markers. You hold the laser rangefinder in your hand, then you look through the viewfinder to find your golf ball (or your target spot). Then you press a button, and the laser measures the precise distance.

This is extremely accurate and very easy to use. You also don’t need to subscribe to some sort of service, which may be necessary for some GPS services.

You only need a solid surface to bounce off the laser signal to get the distance. That’s the main problem if you can’t see your ball because there’s some sort of obstacle in between. You will need a straight line of sight to your target if you want to get that accurate distance.


GPS devices are all the rage these days, although they’re more useful in giving you the distance to the spot you’re aiming for. These devices may be a GPS watch or handheld device, or your smartphone when you have a GPS app. Some golf carts are even equipped with GPS.

Your device will usually have an overhead picture of each hole, along with a dot representing your position. These graphics can also show you the location of the hazards and the distance to the pin.

What’s Your Distance for Each Club?

It’s important that you have an accurate idea of how far you can hit the ball with each club. So when you’re on the range, you should hit 10 balls for each club. Then you can get the average distance of the 10 shots. If you mishit a ball, you can leave it off your 10 counted shots, unless mishitting the ball is a very common problem for you.

At least when you know all the distances for each club, you have a fairer idea of which club to pull from the bag when you also know how far you are from your target spot.


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